Sunday, January 18, 2015

Week 51

This week we celebrated my birthday.... and by celebrated I mean that we got Japanese food and went to bed early. I was incredibly sick with nausea and you weren't feeling well either. This birthday didn't include a huge party like I usually have. This one was low-key with just you and me. Even though we didn't feel well, it was still nice to spend the day with you.

Later in the week we found out some crazy news. We are having TWINS
The funny thing is that we had been referring to them as "babies" off-and-on over the last few weeks. We both just had a feeling. We've also had this ongoing joke between us (before we even got married) that if we ever had kids we would probably end up having twins. We joked and joked about it.... and it happened. When the ultrasound tech told us we were having twins we both started laughing.

We're both overjoyed and still in shock. I keep saying that we're psychic and need to play the lottery. We laugh about it but seriously, we're having twins and we really need to win the lottery.

Thing to remember for this week: Twins will be twice the fun!

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