Thursday, October 30, 2014

Week Forty

This week we’ve both been busy with work. We did get to hang out with friends one night this week and that was nice. It feels good to be able to take a break from all of the stress of work.

I went to the Upstate Fatherhood Coalition’s first job fair. It went pretty well. They told all of the vendors that they were going to have a banquet for us as a thank you. I’m looking forward to that.

I also went to the men’s luncheon at the Sterling Hope Center. It felt great to be able to offer services to some people that can really benefit from it.

You and Corey are both thinking about doing the SCMC program which I am 100% for. I think it would be great for both of you. It’s an excellent program that I help recruit people for for the GRWC so I know all about it. I’ll be doing an “info session” for you and Corey to make sure that it’s something you both really want to do. I think it’d be great for both of our families.

Things to remember: I’m loving the song “Church” by Hozier right now. 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Wife Thirty-Nine

I seriously love this season. The air is crisp. Layers are in. Holidays are just around the corner. Fall is probably the season that makes me feel the happiest.
We went over to Tommy and Kathy’s for some fall festivities. We dressed up. You braided part of my hair before we went. I am so happy to have photographic evidence of this. We got to hang out with some of our best friends around a fire. We made s’mores… and Kathy couldn’t pronounce it to save her life which was hilarious. We played games and laughed a lot. It’s always nice to get a break from our busy schedules to just get to enjoy life.

I’ve had VITA training this week with AmeriCorps. I am excited to be able to offer free income tax assistance to people. I think that it’s an amazing thing that AmeriCorps members can do and it helps so many. However, I hate numbers so I was thrilled for this section of our training to be over… for now.

Right now I’m watching you make dinner. It’s like I’ve just seen a unicorn. I love it when you cook. It gives me a break, of course, but it’s also just incredibly sweet. Hopefully by the time you read this I’ll have convinced you to cook more often. A girl can dream, can’t she?

On a very random note: sometimes I feel like a creeper because I just watch you from across the room. I just caught you laughing at something funny you thought of in your head. At that exact moment you decided to tell me that you changed the words of the song “Bleeding Love” to “Keep eating. I pull it open (as you opened the sour cream) and I keep eating.” It was so funny.

I always wanted to marry the person that kept me laughing. I definitely followed through with my plan. I love every hilarious moment with you.

Things to remember: The day-to-day moments-- the ones that make you laugh, are some of the best moments. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Week Thirty-Eight

We’ve both had another busy work week. Luckily we have some fun things coming up to look forward to. (Pumpkin carving, here we come!)

We’ve been seriously talking about adding to our family. This week I went to the doctor and talked about fertility. You and I both feel that we should be proactive. So, we’re trying. J I was put on a medication to help me ovulate. It could not work or I could be pregnant next month. It’s both exciting and terrifying!

The cats have been acting weird. We think it might be because we switched up their food. (They prefer the “Tender Centers”.) They’ve been sitting in the kitchen at random times. They keep running and jumping (and then sliding) on our shoe rack. Then they lay on it. They have reclaimed it as theirs. When you came home for lunch the other day you found that Alistair had jumped on the counter and gotten into the cabinets. He got his treats out and got into the catnip. He had catnip all over the floor in the kitchen and himself. It’s ridiculous…entertaining, but ridiculous.

Things to remember for this week: Our cats are taking out their frustrations on us and it’s hilarious.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Week Thirty-Seven

This week was packed with events I was helping with through AmeriCorps. Aside from my day-to-day duties, I helped with a job fair, attended meetings, and helped with the Upstate Stand Down for Homeless Veterans. I feel so blessed to be able to serve the community in so many different ways. I also feel exhausted! We’ve both been working and learning a lot. I am excited every day to develop more skills that can help me in the future both professionally and personally.

We found out that our close friends (names cannot yet be shared because they haven't told everyone) are going to have a baby and we’re so happy for them! I can’t wait for us to be an aunt/uncle to their awesome kid. I’m thrilled to be able to share in their joy and look forward to the day that we get to feel what they’re feeling.

For right now, it’s you, me, and the cats. Life is busy but it’s pretty sweet.

Things to remember from this week: Friends’ happiness is our happiness. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Week Thirty-Six

This week was a hard but productive one. This week taught us that we want to be with each other now more than ever. This week we have grown.

Also, while talking to you about healthy food you said something hilarious. I was thinking of recipes out and you were eating homemade chicken pot pie when you came across a lima bean? “What the hell is this?” you said jokingly. “It’s a lima bean.” “I know it’s a lima bean but what is it doing in here?” Apparently, you don’t like lima beans. During the course of this conversation I told you that “I need you to make me a list of all the things [food] you hate.” To which you replied, “I hate all beans except baked and green.” This made me laugh so hard. Then you told me that you’ll just have to write it all down. BECAUSE. YOU. HATE. THAT. MANY. VEGETABLES. You hate so many vegetables and other healthy foods that you actually need to write out a list. It’s ridiculous. I was a vegetarian for six months at one point. I obviously love vegetables. I think I’m going to start sneaking them into things without telling you so that you can get the vitamins and stuff you need.

It is finally starting to feel like fall outside and that excites me. I’m looking forward to picking out pumpkins with you and enjoying all the awesome things that this season offers.

Things to remember from this week: Good things take time. Great things happen all at once. Exceptional things take work.