Thursday, August 28, 2014

Week Thirty-One

We celebrated Tommy’s birthday at his house with game night. We played “Minute to Win It” games. It was SO much fun! The funny thing was that a few weeks before that you and I were talking about how we needed to do a “Minute to Win It” game night. Great minds think alike. We’ve all decided that we have to do game nights like that more often.

 My two weeks of AmeriCorps orientation at the United Way has wrapped up and I’m finishing my first week at my site (Urban League of the Upstate). It feels amazing being back in the nonprofit community. I’ve been doing a lot of networking. There are so many awesome organizations out there that do so many things to help people. There are so many people that aren’t taking advantage of different programs, etc. because they simply don’t know about them. I’m working on educating myself with everything available so that I can educate others.

Things to remember: Knowledge is power!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Week Thirty

I am so thankful to have you as my husband. You support me in everything I do and support me even more by doing things beside me. I signed us up for volunteering events for both Saturday and Sunday (after our five-day work-week). The first thing we did was help with School Tools. We handed out over 3,000 backpacks with supplies for children in need. 

The next day we helped with the take-down of Greenville Literacy Association’s annual book sale. This was the third year that I’ve been a team leader for the event. I’m pretty sure that we set a new record for how quickly we finished. That event is special to me because I interned at Greenville Literacy and first fell in love with the nonprofit field there. 

This year was special because last year’s take-down was the first time that we volunteered together. It was then that I first really saw your work ethic, your giving spirit, and your sweet interactions with strangers. I fell deeper in love with you then. I think I fall more in love with you each time that I get to see you giving back to the community. It is one of the times that I think you are your best self.

Things to remember: "I can assure you, public service is a stimulating, proud and lively enterprise. It is not just a way of life; it is a way to live fully." -Lee H. Hamilton

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Week Twenty-Nine

We got to hang out with Kiira and Jason earlier this week. It was great being around other newlyweds. You could feel the love in the room. We had fondue night! The cheese fondue was out of this world. The chocolate fondue was good, too. Fruit dipped in chocolate is still good for you because it’s fruit…. right? Right! That’s how Kiira and I looked at it anyway. Fondue night will hopefully become a tradition. It’s so awesome having them in our lives.

I started serving with AmeriCorps on Monday! A few of us were originally going to start the Saturday before to help with a community event but it was canceled (rain :/). Orientation has been great so far. I keep finding out about more and more things that just make it all even more worth it. One of those things is that some colleges will actually match the education award that we get after our year of service. Two colleges that I’ve wanted to go to for years are on that list! After I wrap up my bachelor’s I just may take advantage of the match program at one of these schools for my master’s.

This year with AmeriCorps will probably challenge me and help me grow so much personally and professionally. I’m so glad to finally be on this journey.

Things to remember: I am an AmeriCorps member and I will get things done. 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Week Twenty-Eight

You started training with the head of maintenance this week at work. You seem a lot happier to be learning new things. You’re hoping that this will become permanent and you can keep doing more than just your groundskeeping duties.

I signed the agreement papers for AmeriCorps! Orientation starts Monday. A few of us will be starting the Saturday before. We’ll be helping out for a couple of hours at a community “family fun day” event. I’m so ready to start this new experience.

Lucius has decided that he should wake us up EVERY morning around an hour before our alarm clock goes off. It was cute at first but now there is at least one pillow thrown each morning.

Things to remember: Lucius is apparently trying to prepare us for future parenthood.