Thursday, May 29, 2014

New Boys in this House!

I'm posting just a bit early this week with some news.

Though we have not given up our search for our beloved Luna, we decided to rescue not one, but TWO precious boys from a family that could no longer keep them.

Their names are Lucius and Alistair. Alistair would pose for a picture. Lucius is currently sitting behind the couch. When he appears, I'll try to post a picture of him too.

We just had so much love to give and really are so happy to be able to share it with our new additions to the family.

Without further ado, here is Alistair. :)

Week Eighteen

This week was pretty normal. You worked. I did school work. I also got a job babysitting a friend’s baby. I start next week. I applied for a position with AmeriCorps that I really hope to get. It wouldn’t start for a couple of months so I’m glad to have the babysitting gig for now.
We still haven’t found Luna. I’ve been checking with the animal shelter daily. We’ve opened up to the possibility of adding a new cat to our family while still looking for Luna. We have all this cat stuff that some cat needs to come take advantage of! Also, we have a lot of love to give and would love to keep an animal from going to the shelter.

Weekly roundup: We laughed. We loved. We’re happy. It’s feeling pretty sweet in our house right now.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

This week was a hard one. Luna got out. We searched for her outside. I filed a lost report with the county. At one point we thought they had her at the shelter but it wasn’t her. It was devastating. We haven’t given up hope yet. I really hope we find her.

Aside from that, it was a pretty good week. We hung out with friends and had a really good time as usual. I’ve been working on school work and am doing pretty well. I just hope I can keep it up! I keep thinking about getting my Master’s degree if I can make it through my Bachelor’s without ripping my hair out. You’ve told me that you plan on earning your Associate’s degree in Electrical Engineering and then going for your Bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics Engineering right after that. I think it’s an awesome plan! I think that that would be a great investment for the future of our family.

Things I don’t want to forget: the quirky/funny things you do: the T-Rex thing and the Snake thing. These moves are hilarious. You keep me entertained.

I’m so glad that I have such a fun-loving spouse. Marrying you is seriously one of—if not the—best decisions of my life.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Week Sixteen

We went to the school this week to enroll. I re-enrolled and started this week since I’m a returning student. You took your assessment to get in and got a PERFECT score in writing, one point less than a perfect score in reading, and did really well in math too. See, you’re a genius. I told you! You will officially be a college student in a month! I’m so proud. I know it’s going to be frustrating at times but we’ll be finished with school in about 2.5 years. I can’t wait to begin this new chapter with you.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Week Fifteen

This week we volunteered for Hands On Greenville Day. We washed cars and dogs for charity. I’m already excited for HOG Day next year! I love that you have a giving heart. I love that you actually like volunteering with me. I’m excited for many more volunteering events with you in the future.

This weekend we’ll go to the experimental art/film festival put on by Arthaus (yay!) and The Film House. I’m pretty excited for this. Also, we’ll celebrate Mother’s Day because obviously we love our moms and grandmothers.
I almost forgot a very vital thing that we did this week: We downloaded Crash Bandicoot-Warped for the Playstation! This makes the nine-year-old kid in me SO excited! It’s a lot harder than I remember it. It’s been the reason for many expletives shouted in our apartment over the last few days. I mean really, how did I ever play this when I was a kid?! Seriously, I love just doing simple things with you: movie night, marathoning shows on Netflix, playing games from our childhood, playing with the cat, etc.
Luna is still being the happiest cat ever. She’s super spoiled. She’s discovered the tiny bit of freedom she gets by enjoying the outside on our patio. We’re going to have to get her a leash since she wants to explore. And we’re totally okay with being the crazy people walking our cat on a leash. We’ll see how that goes.

As always, you make me laugh every day. I love you so much and you make it easy to do so.